Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review: Should you Upgrade?

Xiaomi announced the first gen Mi band in 2014. It was capable of giving you some common features including the pedometer, alarm..etc. It was priced around $35-$40 when in came out. In 2016, Xiaomi introduced the Mi Band 2 with a built in 0.42 inch screen and many enhance features. The manufacturer updates its smartband line every 2 years. This year Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi band 3.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 comes with a larger screen in comparison to the second-gen model. It uses a 0.78-inch PMOLED display that is capable of displaying over 24 Chinese characters at a time and has a pixel density of 193ppi. This is the highest PPI custom display smart band on the market.

In addition to upgrading the display screen, the chip of the Mi Band 3 has been also been upgraded. So even it sports a larger and brighter screen, this product still can maintain the same battery life as the Mi Band 2. At the same time, our protagonist comes with straps that support 5ATM waterproof even when immersed in the water up to 50 meters. So unlike its predecessors, this one can be used when swimming, in the shower and other cases. The UV100 coating process was applied to the Mi Band 3, and the anti-fingerprint coating was applied to increase the wear resistance of the surface.

Moreover, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is divided into two versions. One is the standard version, while the second is the NFC version. As the name suggests, compared with the standard version, the NFC version comes with an NFC chip, which is suitable for NFC actions.




The Xiaomi Mi Band 3’s body is available in one color option only. It’s black. But there are three wristbands provided for replacement – graphite black, thermal orange, and deep blue colors. Probably, later this year more after market replacement bands will be available just like the mi band 2.

The packaging is now with with a clear cover which we don’t really give it much issue.

The main body has become glossier, using a liquid-like design. It is more rounded, tending to an elliptical shape. Thanks to it, we have a feeling like the information is displayed through a water droplet.

As we said, it sports a larger screen at 0.78 inches and 128 x 80 resolution. It’s a capacitive touchscreen. In the middle, it is a non-pressable button that allows us to interact with the smart band via simple taps/touches.

Thanks to the screen refresh rate issues, the screen of the wristband may be flickering when shooting, which is normal.It weighs about 8.5 grams. So you can wear it all day long.

The charging connectors are on the bottom. Compared with the traditional USB interface, the charging method eliminates the inconvenience caused by plugging and unplugging, and also saves valuable internal space.

The wristband design is identical to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. It also uses skin-friendly materials, but the shape of the surface of the snap button is slightly different and the opening is larger.

The wristband of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 uses a double-colored bite-synthetic type, which is very firm after being buckled. Plus, it has passed the ISO-10993-5/10 biocompatibility certification and European RoHS environmental certification and brings comfortable touch feeling. In order to prevent the main body from falling off, the wristband inner lining and the outer ring adopt a two-color occlusal technology. The wristband has a total of 12 length adjustments that can cover most users’ wrist types.


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