Xiaomi band 2 – In dept review after 1 month of use.

The Xiaomi Band 2 is one of the most popular fitness band wearable device. This is the second version of its predecessor Xiaomi Band.  It was popular because of its battery life, compact size and the price. It performs as good as the expensive fitness devices at a cheaper price, but did not compromise its popularity. This review will not  be discussing details and specification of the device but on the experience I have with the fitness tracker.

This second version of the Mi band took out the indicator LED lights and replace it with a screen and a capacitive sensor. The Mi band 2 is dust and water proof (IP67), so you won’t have to worry about anything. And if smudged, you can easily wash it under tap water. The box came with the Silicon band, charger adapter and the Mi band device itself. I like how the device fits to the silicon rubber it snugs accurately. I purchased it locally and got a free extra silicon band and a screen protector.


After 1 month of use here is what I can say…


Yes, the Mi band is waterproof. It specified to be IP67 complaint and so far it stood by its claim. I wear it with me even I take a shower and its fine. I tried to dip it in a 2 feet container and still it works fine. However, I noticed that when water hits the capacitive button it seems to respond to it. But I guess it does not matter, anyway the device goes back to its time display if it goes to standby.


Capacitive Button

The only thing I can say about the button that its pretty good and very responsive.  I wear it with me while taking a shower and guess what, the button responds to the water that hits the button, but if you use your fingers while its wet, it does not work. Although, the Mi Band has a Lift-wrist-to view and Rotate-wrist-t0-switch feature that you don’t need to use the capacitive button to check it. Although, the life-wrist feature has a delay of  1.3 seconds before the display appears and I guess, its not so bad.

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Battery Life

As specified by Xiaomi, The battery could last up to 20 days max. On my first use, i charged the Mi band 2 for about 2-3 hours and tried not to take it off. I was tracking may walking everyday and tried to reach my set goal of 8000 steps per day as recommended by the World Health Organization. The battery was eating up 2%-3% per day I’m not sure what eats up the battery more since it does not have other features that eats up the battery more. Not like the Garmin watches that the battery last shorter if you are using the GPS. Mine lasted 17 days, at least closer to 20 days that Xiaomi claimed.

Charging / Fit

The Mi band 2 comes with a charging port that you need to connect it to a USB. normal charging is about 1-2 hours charging. Now there is no problem with the charging of the Mi Band 2. With the adapter, the only problem I have is the fit. Somehow slides in, but the guide or the grove that it should follow to fit into the adapter, it somehow jumps out. I tried to push it and made sure that it fits, but it jumps out of the side of the adapter. Although, the device reaches the contacts and charge the device with no problem.


Of course accuracy is very important. With regards to counting the steps, it pretty much accurate. I tried counting my steps manually and compared it to the Mi band 2, it somehow made almost the same result. It different around 2-3 steps sometimes more. I also tried to compare the steps counted with my Garmin FR15 and came up with a closer results.

Heart Rate

The Xiaomi band 2 is awesome compared to its predecessor since it comes with the heart rate monitor. You have to  stand still and stop walking and avoid any movement so it will give the best result. I compared it with the heart rate monitor with the Samsung S7 and it gave closer results. You may also turn on your heart rate monitor during sleep to provide a more accurate sleep tracker, but I haven’t tried it since it eats up the battery they say.


This is the interesting alarm feature of Xiaomi band 2. You can actually set many alarm time using the Mi Fit app. Unfortunately, the Mi band 2 does not have any speakers so it will only vibrate. The vibration it makes is enough noticeable.  You can set it to alarm just once or you can set it to alarm repeatedly everyday or weekends. But the thing about the alarm is that it has its own snooze feature. If you don’t tap the watch while it’s doing the alarm it will snooze every after 5 min.  If you don’t move after the alarm, it will snooze again every after 5 min.

The App

Xiaomi paired the Mi band 2 to the Mi Fit App. You can connect your Mi band 2 to your Mi fit app through Bluetooth. For the step count, it updates automatically once you are connected. But with the weight goals, you have to enter them manually.  You can turn on the “Idle Alert” which notifies you when you are sitting or idle for an hour.  If you are a right harded or a left handed, you may set in the app as well. And you may also modify what metrics to display in your Mi band 2 device. You may also connect your Mi Band 2 to other  fitness tracker apps like Google Fit.

Overall, the Mi band 2 is a great fitness tracker on the budget.  So far after a month of use it still works and has not shown any problem and still consistent to its tracking functions. With regards to the hardware, its IP67 and indeed waterproof. So far I have worn it more than I need to remove it since its very light and barely notice that its there. Somehow it feel just like a baller band. I went bumps and dust, I rode my motorcycle and bike with it on dusty and rainy days. I even swim with it in the pool. So far it survived!

What I love about the Mi Band 2

  • I like it when I see that I am making progress with tracking with my steps everyday and know that I have enough exercise per daily basis.
  • The heart rate monitor is very useful since I usually experience palpitations.
  • It also has the Idle notification, I love it when it tells me that I have been Idle for an hour. Very helpfull!
  • The design and how simple it is and that you can change silicon band is great as well!
  • Lift wrist to view info is very great since it saves power no need to use the button to view your info.
  • Rotate to switch feature is also great and helpful with your riding a bike or motorcycle.
  • Lightweight and it feels just like a baller band.

What I think that needs to improve with the Mi Band 2

  • I think the Mi Band would be great if the screen is bigger and could use some colors. Could be better to remove the button and have a touch screen feature.
  • Display could improve
  • More tracking features and monitor ( SPO2 ) stress monitor.
  • Could use a GPS tracking as well in the app.
  • Battery can be improved and replaceable.
  • It has claimed to be Scratch resistant display but not Scratchproof screen. So perhaps this needs to improve.





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