Best Running Shoes in 2018

Today we’re talking about the Best running shoes in 2018 on the market right now. without any further ado, Okay so let’s get right into it.

The best neutral road running shoes – Brooks Ghost 10

These things are comfortable, even more comfortable than the ghost nine. We think in that toe box area there are a lot better this go around they have a really nice upper. They’ve got great cushioning. it’s good for energy return and impact absorption. We think these shoes are going to be good for short medium and long-distance running. They do have a twelve-millimeter heel to toe drop so that is a little bit on the higher end so if you’re looking for minimalist shoes these aren’t the ones. For you they do fit true to size and the price point isn’t all that high it’s a $120 dollar.



The best stability road running – Asics Gel Kayano 24


I really like these shoes, anybody that over pronates, you roll inward. They’re going to have a lot more padding on the inside and they’re going to prevent you from rolling too much inward. So we really like these as stability shoes. The one downside with the 24s is that there are a $160 dollar out retail. So, like I said before if you can find the 23 to the 22 to the 21s the 24 is yes or our favorite but those will be just fine as well. The 24 specifically I do love their new upper it’s breathable flexible very comfortable.

The best shoes for speed – Brooks Levitate

Anybody that’s running like one mile up  to like seven miles these are great running shoes. We’re talking about that Brooks levitate these things are awesome. They’re fantastic for energy return, you will feel that bounce just like some of those Adidas shoes that use that boost technology. there’s lots of bounce back there are actually really really nice shoes overall. Very soft and comfortable upper that’s breathable. They do have a narrow fit so if you have a wider shoe  they’re not really for you. They fit true to size and the price point is $150 dollars.


People’s Choice – Nike Pegasus

This is the shoe that’s really popular or at least the series of shoes that are really popular. I have to say the Pegasus 34s are awesome a lot of people like them they’re really comfortable. They look nice, they’re great for all distance running and their overall desert tried-and-true running shoes. We do like them over the 33s, because you know they’ve got a better upper. So, to us it’s just a little bit more comfortable, flexible, it is more breathable. This go around so I would prefer the 34 is over the 33s. I can see why they’re so popular now we have the most versatile running shoes we really like these things these are the Nike lunar epic low flying at two so they’re as much casual shoe as they are running shoe but if you just run occasionally and you want shoes that you can wear to the gym we’re walking around town.


So there you go, if you have other shoes that you think we must include in this list, please let us know, so we can try it out and check on the performance and features. Please do support this page, by click on the links if you love one of these shoes and want to try them out.

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