Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Heating problem FIXED!

Samsung S20 FE edition Heating issue fiexed

The Problem

If you purchased a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G which has the Exynos 990 chipset… many have complained that it has a heating issue… and I looked up this keyword and yes there are forums talking about it and I only found one answer on how to fix it. But it wasn’t in English, good thing someone translated it and I did it and it fixed the problem. So, the Samsung S20 FE was finally available in my country last November 2020 and everyone was excited about the phone because it’s a flagship phone but at a cheaper price. if you know the famous YouTuber @Mrwhostheboss, this actually his runner-up for best value phone in 2020 because it has a great camera, great screen, great performance. Most who reviewed the phone actually had sweet words for the phone.  Because it was a good price for a flagship phone… but… I felt worried and disappointed that there was a heating problem with my Samsung S20 FE that I got. Probably most of the units that were reviewed were the 5G version and unfortunately in some countries, the 5G version is not available so we have to suck it up with the 4G. So far feedbacks from 5G users of the S20 FE didn’t have the same heating problem

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I noticed the problem when I just turn on the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and it starts to warm up. Not really that warm, but you don’t expect your phone to be warm when you have not installed anything yet on it. Perhaps it will be gone, I thought of it first.  But then it got worse when I was able to install some apps. Yeah, it’s normal that your phone can get warm from connecting to the WIFI and running some apps, but the heat was like you were playing high-resolution games for an hour. It is like when you touch your coffee mug. That’s how warm it is.  I have tweaked the settings to lower down the battery use and have some apps go to sleep and uninstalled some bloaters. It helped a little bit but it can still get warm. Actually, when I just let it on the table while I work, I noticed that the phone gets warm even when there are no apps running. 


So, I went to the Samsung service center and have it checked. So, I told the technician what’s wrong with it, and some things that I did, so the tech advised that they are going to reprogram and update it. After 5 minutes he came out, but the phone was actually warm. He said that it is normal because of the processor. Diagnostics shows that everything was normal. But when I got home, the phone was actually cooler than before.

So here are the things That I did:

  1. Have the Samsung service center reinstall or update the software – know that your stuff will be deleted except for the memory card.
  2. Go to settings – battery and device – battery – background usage limits – turn on the unused apps to sleep and then tap on sleeping apps, tap on the plus sign to add the apps to put to sleep. For me, I just kept awake the apps that I need notifications, like emails, social media messenger, and likes.
  3. Uninstall unwanted pre-installed apps
  4. Then put a phone optimizer widget on your home screen – what it does is manages your phone’s background usage and cools down the battery.
  5. Check your quick settings and turn off unused functions like mobile data, Bluetooth, NFC, location services, mobile hotspot, auto-sync, and LTE.
  6. If you want more battery and you are not a fan of some features which actually, I find convenient to use which I kept using it…if you need more battery for other important use of your phone try turning off the following
  7. Always-on display
  8. Face unlocks
  9. Turn off animation
  10. Turn down the refresh rate to normal
  11. Turn on power-saving mode – by this, it turns off AOD, limit processing performance by 30%, reduces screen brightness by 10%

Also, this is something that you can’t really tick off from your settings, but according to Samsung on their pamphlet, but weak signal areas will make the device consume more battery power to communicate with your network tower. So they advise using the after moving to a place where there is a stronger signal. Maybe they are trying to say that it’s better to make calls on stronger signals so the phone won’t have to work harder. 

Also speaking of the battery, my first unit was draining so fast that after you charged it to 100%, it goes down to 99% before 5 minutes passed even it is unused and just sitting on the table.  Unlike my other phone which is a Samsung A51, I can stay at 100% for an hour or more.

So, requested for a replacement unit, and Samsung actually was so kind to replaced it but then, to my discovery, it somehow has a similar issue with my previous unit.  So, I went again to the Service center and had it reprogrammed, and followed the step that I did with the previous unit and it fixed the problem.  But this time, I guess this unit is better than the previous one that I got, because, yes it gets warm but only the back side, the previous unit that I got heats up on the back and on the top of the phone which is the aluminum bezel and that feels warm like your warm coffee mug. This time the new unit was not like that. I also knew that there were couple of blue units that was also returned because it was defective, I’m not sure what the problem was, but most of them where cloud blue units. But my battery still goes down to 99%  in less than 5 minutes, I just accepted the fact that it is true to both units that I got on hand, that 100% does not last that long, and playing call of duty for maybe 3-5 rounds eats up maybe around 10% of the battery, I don’t know if that’s good.


After that, my Samsung S20 FE was cooler than before. I no longer have those moments that I pick up a warm phone. It was always cool from the table. Although when you used some apps, it starts to warm up, but don’t get to the point that it heats up so much. I was just hoping that I can use this phone full featured without any battery or heating issues…but hey, this is what Samsung is giving to their FAN since this is the FAN edition for whatever that means.

So far after a few days or weeks that I have been using the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, it is getting better. Samsung said that the UI or its software is studying and managing the heating issue according to your usage. It sleeps unused apps or apps that you rarely use. So far, the heating issue is gone, although it still heats up while playing games or some high-demand apps. Some other users report that it heats up when using IG and some when they are browsing pictures on the gallery. I had no issues with those apps. But so far with these steps, the heating problem is FIXED!

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1 thought on “Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Heating problem FIXED!

  1. please don’t say it is fixed when it still heats up. It is basically falls advertising to people that want to get this phone. It is insanely warm and after paying 600euros to finally have a new phone, going to get it “FIXED” is bull.
    It gets ridiculously hot and having all apps off, power saving mode on, all features off that make this phone the FAN EDITION makes zero sense. If I pay money like that I would like to get a working product, not a pain for weeks, thinking how to fix it

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