Casio G-Shock GD-350-1BDR Review

I recently purchased the G-Shock GD-350-1BDR  which is my first G-Shock watch. I find these watches a little big on my wrist, that’s why I never bought one before. The design is amazing and how slick and rugged they look. I thought it was big for my wrist and that it cost higher than my budget range watches.

I only do computer work, ride a motorcycle, go on adventure trips occasionally. So I was looking through YouTube videos and came across a video about G-Shock torture test. The toughness of these watches are and that it impressed me. This got me convince to buy one.

The first time I got my eyes on the G-Shock GD-350-1BDR, it looked stealthy and kinda looks rugged, but could actually be used casually. It was all black with discreet labels and what attract me the most is the negative display. It was big and thick like the other G-Shocks, but I have set my mind already that this has been already the trend of men having big rugged watches.

So, I tried it out on my wrist and I really thought it was too big on my 6 and quarter inch wrist. It’s bezel size was not that big as the other models. This actually made me closer to my decision. The Time display has bigger digits that the other models and that it offers vibration Alert was a plus.


All made of Resin and I guess and hoped all G-Shocks are made of the same materials same as the one on the YouTube video of the G-Shock Torture test. The display was covered with Mineral Glass. I am not sure how scratch resistant it is but the thick bezel may protect it from possible contact.

On the first night, I was not used to in wearing thick and big watches, so I accidentally rubbed my watch into a rough cement wall. It made a mark on the bezel at the top and bottom part. I tried to clean it and rub it with my hands and a cloth, but the mark was still there. Amazingly the next morning, the mark is no longer visible. Probably the resin was kinda rubbery and went back to its shape or probably just blended, although I no longer see and obvious and visible marks.

The black bezel is made of stainless steel, but the manual says to keep it clean to avoid rust. It is locked in with 4 small Philip screws. I am not sure if that is tough enough to hold on to rough instances. I was afraid the reason that it is screwed on might not be strong enough compared to a metal.

Shop G-Shock GD-350-1BDR at Amazon – $122.78

Features and Functions

The GD-350 doesn’t have much to offer. This has the same feature that my old watch has and it’s half the price. I still purchased it because of the promise of toughness of G-Shock. Probably, I am paying for features and durability of the watch. After watching that video in YouTube, even with the regular features, I still purchased it.

World Time – 35 time zones (100 cities), city name display, DST on and off features. With a guy like me, who is normally local all of the time if not lifetime, I wouldn’t need much to check for world time, unless I have some business transactions across the world.

Alarm – 5 daily or one-time alarms (with 1 snooze alarm), flash alert/vibration alert option. I think, this one is very much useful for me. I guess you already know what is the use of the alarm, so I don’t need to share it here. Although, you have an option to set it to beep and flash the LED light, or go on Stealth mode and go on mute with the Vibration Alert to notify you. This is one of the highlight feature of this watch.

Stop Watch – 1/100-second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 999:59’59.99”  I have not used this feature very much, but it comes very handy in some situations.

Timer – Countdown timer at 24 hours range. I find this useful in timing breaks and alarms me when my breaks are up. It can automatically run on the lower right button which is a metal button, but it can’t be stop or reset unless you to to the Timer mode.

LED lights is white tint and I like it better than the orange tint light. The light on GD-350 is a Super Illuminator as they call it so it is brighter than the old LED lights. It has an Auto light feature that if you tilt your watch towards your face, it will automatically turn on the lights.

The light duration can be set from 1-5 seconds.

When the lights are on, it is pretty obvious where the source of the lights are in the sides since it shows intensity of light from the source which is too noob. I still like how Timex light their watches with a green light and no where you can find a concentrated light source.

Water Resistant – Up to 660 feet / 200 meters water resistance. I do go for a swim sometimes, but I don’t go as deep as 200 meters, but at least, in my mind, I am confident that this watch can handle water way more that what I usually do.

The battery was said to last up to 5-7 years and with that said, it’s not rechargeable battery a solar powered watch. But for a watch 5-7 years is a long time. The watch also has a low battery alarm, so you will know when to replace the battery.


The GD-350 is very comfortable on your wrist, probably because of the flaps at the bottom of the  strap which holds the watch in place on your wrist. It did not pull hairs like other people complain about it. Its semi circular and square bezel is much different from other G-Shock models, this made it look smaller than the usual models.

That’s why the GD-350 is slick looking and because it’s all black, it looks very tactical. That’s why this watch is good for the military because of its design and features, specially it has a stealth mode alarm. The indicator displays on the top of the displays are just the usual G-shock seconds and minute countdown, but do not have any other functions really.

The round display indicator, shows the mute indicator at the top right of the circle. On the top left indicates the Auto light is on or off, at the bottom left, indicates if the vibration feature is on or off and on the right lower side indicates that the timer is at work. So as you can see, you can actually have these features at a half price of the GD-350. Although, I would still buy the watch for its slick design, All black, negative display and it’s G-shock durability.

So far the negative display looks OK in any angle and on daylight. The contrast is good and better than the old models as others say.

  • 51 mm in diameter, 18 mm in thickness and lightweight at only 75 g


The G-Shock GD-350-1BDR is a good watch for its durability, Vibration Alarm (which is rare to watch), its tactical looks and branding. (because it’s G-Shock) Feature wise, it can be useful for the right person, like the military or police. The Stealth mode is the best highlight that these kind of work can take advantage.

But for a regular person, who just want to have a little bit smaller that other G-Shocks and you don’t need additional features like, Temperature, barometer, compass and other fancy features and you are looking for a tough watch, at least at a lower price G-Shock?

This is a good watch to have. Not so big on the wrist, but it’s differently thick, but it is very comfortable watch. I like looking at it on my wrist.


  • All black slick and rugged design
  • Vibration Alarm
  • Bright LED light and Auto light
  • One button Start Timer
  • Great Value for Money
  • Durable


  • Standard Feature only for a Slick watch, could use at least one or two more cool feature.
  • You can’t set the modes in the Dark. Even with the Auto light feature, when you push the buttons to turn modes, the light turns off.  You can see time and start timer by using the access button on the lower right(metal button). You need a external light if you want to set the modes in the dark.

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