Best Fitness Trackers in 2018


Today we’re talking about the Best fitness trackers on the market right now. We have done a few fitness tracker reviews in the past. So here we are reviewing the best ones and talk about what’s good and what’s not about these devices.

Okay so first up the best fitness tracker for runners so this is the Garmin vivosport, it’s $200 out retail. So basically, this is an update to the Garmin vivosmart HR plus. If you don’t want to spend up for the Garimin vivosport you can get that vivosmart HR. Plus and that still has GPS built in so with both activity bands, they have GPS. That means when you’re running they’re actually going to collect data like your route your speed your distance all of that stuff. If you get a general activity tracker that doesn’t have GPS, then they’re not going to be better for runners or for cyclists. I think just since these have GPS they’re going to be the best fitness trackers for anybody that’s running a lot. Now the one advantage that the vivosport has over the vivosmart HR plus is that, it’s sleeker its slimmer and it has a color display. but other than that you’ll be just fine with that vivosmart  HR.

 Garmin VivoSport


Now let’s talk about the best fitness tracker for fitness anybody that’s doing CrossFit or weight training or Pilates or plyometrics any sort of training. Where you’re really getting your heart rate up. I think it’s a good idea to utilize a chest strap heart rate monitor. So, I’m going to say the best one for fitness is the Garmin vivofit 3. This one is really affordable, typically you can find that right about a hundred dollars or less, but you’re going to want to get an ant’s plus Garmin heart rate monitor.

I like this device because it’s affordable it’s got fantastic battery life like twelve months. It actually uses a coin cell battery and on top of that you’ll get your heart rate data from your chest strap heart rate monitor and it’s really durable it’s waterproof you can bang it around on things hidden on weights and it’s going to be good to go. So if you want a fitness tracker purely for tracking really hardcore workouts and all of that, I think the vivofit 3 is a great option.

Garmin VivoFit 3

So now the best fitness tracker for style is the Fitbit Alta HR. so this is right around 150 dollars at retail. I like this for style because there’s a lot of people out there that don’t want

to tell everybody they’re wearing a fitness tracker don’t want to tell everybody they’re trying to lose weight. This one can be more covert, but you still have a built-in wrist heartrate monitor you still have a display it still relays the incoming notifications from your phone like calls and text messages. I think it looks nice you can get a bunch of different bands to make it look more or less sporty or more appropriate for the office.  I think just based on style this is a really great choice. You don’t make that many compromises at least for the average person that just wants a fitness tracker that looks nice.

 Fitbit Alta HR


Next is the best fitness tracker under $100 and there’s actually two here because they’re made from the same brand. It is Misfit Ray or Misfit Shine. Both of them you can find like under 100 bucks but sometimes even under like seventy eighty dollars. If you want a cheap fitness tracker, this is the way to go they do have a really good mobile app they are owned by a fossil. So, they’re owned by a big company. They do all the basics steps calories all of that, plus they look nice too because they’ve got like an aluminum body one more cylindrical the other ones kind of like a little pebble. But the bottom line is they’re very affordable.

 Misfit Ray

I like the mobile app. I think the fitness tracking features are pretty good and if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, they’re a great option now we have the best watch style fitness tracker. This is a fair play fitness tracker, but it looks like a watch it’s the Garmin vivo. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this thing I think it looks nice it does have interchangeable bands so if you want leather bands you could do that you can just search on Amazon and find a bunch of other bands for it.

 Misfit Shine

It does have a wrist heart rate monitor and the cool thing about this is while it looks like a watch, it has all the capabilities of a fitness tracker, steps, calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate. All of that you can even track exercises and it has a hidden display, so you have to double tap it you can see things like the date your step count you can even see incoming notifications. You can even pause and play music that’s playing on your phone so look there’s a lot of devices out there that are watch style, but this is my favorite one.  it’s right around $200.

 Fitbit Charge 2

But if you want a watch style fitness tracker this is the best one. but the best overall fitness tracker is the Fitbit charge 2. This is probably the most popular fitness tracker out there. I’ve really enjoyed testing it. I think it both looks nice and it has some performance elements to it so it does all of your standard fitness tracking things like steps, calories burned, sleep and all of that it relays incoming notifications from your phone. it does have that wrist heart rate monitor which is great. it’s got an awesome mobile app and I think it’s just that perfect sweet spot in terms of being useful for fitness useful for activity tracking and sleep tracking and looking nice and it’s just the perfect blend of everything. If you’re only getting one device and you want to spend right around $150. The Fitbit charge 2 is the best overall fitness tracker on the market right now and that’s it for the list I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful.

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