Amazing 19 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Preparing food could be easier if you knew this Kitchen Hacks Sooner!
here are Kitchen tricks you’d be amazed how easy life is around the kitchen if you just know these tricks!

1. Regular old kitchen glasses make perfect mango peelers…

See, it works like magic!

2. …and also egg peelers!

This is my usual problem with eggs, but this trick makes it easy!

3. Here’s a surefire way to keep wasps out of those sweet drinks during the summer.

The cupcake holder keeps your drinks clean and looks good too!

4. Slicing all those cherry tomatoes can be tiring, but you can take care of all of them in one slice with this trick.

All you need to do is to put the fruit in between plates and this will serve as a guide for the knife and keeps the fruit in place.

5. If you boil your water before you freeze it, you’ll have crystal-clear ice cubes.

Looks nice on your wine

6. Adding a bit of water to your pan will keep your bacon from splattering too much.

I wonder…

7. Ever wonder why they’re called strawberries? ‘Cause all you need to remove the stem is a straw.

This is how you remove it.

8. Think your avocado might be past its prime? There’s an easy way to check!

Just peek at the color underneath the stem. You’re good to go if you see yellow or green. If you see brown, the avocado is already overripe.

9. You can easily separate egg yolks from egg whites using a plastic bottle.

You should try it yourself, go break some eggs! All you need to do is suck the yolk with a bottle.
Press the bottle and target the yolk and release, the yolk will be sucked in the bottle!

10. Balancing a wooden spoon across a pot of water keeps it from boiling over.

Lazada Philippines

Not sure if this really works, but it’s worth a try.

11. Use this trick to cut a watermelon into convenient pieces without making a mess.

It makes cutting easier, but it also makes enjoying the watermelon easier, which is the most important part.

12. Here’s something I bet you never considered: You can use an apple slicer to make fry-sized slices of potato.


13. Looking for a fast and clean way to cut up a cake? Try floss.

Instead of a knife, just flavorless floss to make perfect slices.. make sure they are not used.

14. Here’s a real fast way to uncork a wine bottle…

You know, for all those times when you don’t have a corkscrew, but do happen to have a butane torch on hand.

15. You can make your own your own sushi-rolling mat using wooden kabob sticks and duct tape.

16. You can evenly shred your carrots like a pro using this technique.

17. If you need corn OFF the cob, here’s an easy way to do it without making your kitchen a disaster.

All you need is a knife and a bunt pan to catch it.

18. For a convenient way to improve aroma and bouquet, try aerating your wine in a blender.

It might look a little weird, but it improves flavor, especially for young wines.

19. For perfectly boiled eggs, punch a hole in the base of the egg with a thumbtack BEFORE you boil it. It sounds crazy, but it works!

If this won’t work, you can always go back to Trick Number 2.


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